Artist statement

Within my practice I attempt to explore and describe the meeting. What exist between two entities that are related. It is a continuing theme in my artistic practice, where I move between photography, painting, environmental art, installation and text.

Photography as the starting point

With photography as the starting point, as my way of meeting the world, I try to look at relationships within my own environment. When I photograph I try to create an intimate connection with my subject. I learn to recognize, communicate, discover and love. Photography is for me a language of love and the work a tribute to the relationship between the subject and me. It is a basis within my practice. However when I photograph my experience of this meeting with the world it is not as clear as I would like it to be. The photographic picture is a representation of reality as I see it with my eyes. It doesn’t however express my inner feelings about that subject.

Drawing out the inner experience

In order to draw out the inner experience in the meeting I use painting in conjuncture with my photographs. Once in a while I also take the photographs out of the frame and reposition the meeting directly in the landscape it takes place. I paint on the photographs or on the landscape for example with acrylic or in photoshop, but often I also create the illusion of painting with help of painted fabrics or sticks or other mediums. I call this painting on reality.

Working with the other

The paintings often express themselves through strong clear colors, which represent my part in the meeting. The other part is that which lies in the landscape. I seek a place – and I need to be at one with the place that I meet – which is important for the process so that we are both contributing to the finished work. My eagerness to bring forth this meeting means that use various materials and methods which best visualize this coming together. I often use several layers in both the process and the work, and work with transparent materials like film or fabrics to print on. In the work Diamond Quarry the fabric is not transparent, but that rather they are attached tightly to the rocks so that you can see the forms through them.

The exhibition and the place in the center

The exhibition itself is central to my practice, because it is here the pieces are able to manifest themselves physically, to exist in relation to something else and exist in a greater whole. For me it is important to come to a gallery space in the same way one would engage with an outdoor space in the nature. Many of my projects have been directly dependent on the place they are created – and have not existed as art work after the exhibition has ended.

The construction of an exhibition – when I work out how my pieces will be placed within the gallery space – I see as a manifestation of how there is a connection between space and relationship. The investigation into the meeting, the relationship and the space between follows me all the way from the creation of the work to the point where I share it.


Visual artist (b. 1987)
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photographic practice combined with site-specific thinking
and elements of painting, installation and text.


2011-2014 BFA in Photography, Valand Academy, Gothenburg (SE)
2013-2013 Glasgow School of Art (exchange program), Glasgow (SCO)
2009-2010 Fatamorgana – The Danish School of Art Photography, Copenhagen (DK)


2013 Spatialities, Galleri Monitor, Gothenburg (SE)
2013 Equally Infinite // Personality Portraits, Café Retro Nørrebro, Copenhagen (DK)


2018 Land404, Ronneby Konsthall, Ronneby (SE) (upcoming) (+curator)
2017 Groupshow with Fotografisk Center, Code Art Fair, Copenhagen (DK)
2017 Land404, by the coast of Gullholma, Karlskrona (SE)
2016 Showcase for recent graduates, BKF, Copenhagen (DK)
2015 The juried spring exhibition of Bornholm, Svanekegaarden, Svaneke (DK)
2015 Between here and there, Galleri Rasch, Rønne (DK)
2014 Intervention. Photography between indifference and difference, 6th EMoP, Berlin (DE)
2014 Recent Graduates, Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm (SE)
2014 Degree show, Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg (SE)
2013 Landskabe, in the area around Krystalsøen, Bornholm (DK) (+curator)
2013 To be with art is all we ask (spring exhibition), Valand Academy, Gothenburg (SE)
2013 Lines of Land and Sea, The Proun Room, Glasgow (SCO)
2012-2013 Danske Hverdagsritualer (touring exhibition), Cph Photo Festival / DR Kultur: SAK Kunstbygning, Galleri Oxholm, Svanekegaarden, KUNSTEN, Musikhusets Foyer (Aarhus), Trapholt, Phototeket, HEART, Vandrehallen (Hillerød), Kulturforum Dan Austria (Vienna) (DK/AT)
2012 En Bordudstilling, Cph Photo Festival, Tap 1, Copenhagen (DK) (+curator)
2012 Equally Infinite, Överås cultural festival, Gothenburg (SE)
2012 One-night apartment show, Gothenburg (SE) (+curator)
2012 It’s hardly softcore, BKS Garage, Copenhagen (DK)
2011 2200 Hverdagsritualer, Cph Photo Festival, Copenhagen (DK)
2010 Fatamorgana graduation show, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen (DK)
2010 Dawn/Treasury, Galleri Rasch, Rønne (DK)


2014 Svenska Dagbladet / Perfect Guide, Morgondagens Konstnärsstjärnor by Karin Ström (interview)
2013 Pieces of the People We Love, Thieves Editors Issue 01, ed. Maria Puentes and Claudio Rojas
2012 Danske Hverdagsritualer, DR Kultur, curated by Martin Asbæk and Joachim Ladefoged
2011 2200 Hverdagsritualer, CPH Photo Festival, ISBN 978-87-994222-2-7


2016 Landstinget i Uppsala län (SE)
2015 Nyköpings kommun (SE)
2014 Landstinget Sörmland (SE)


2013, 2014 Bornholms Regionskommunes Kunstråd
2012, 2013, 2014 Adlerbertska Hospitality Foundation
2012 Fondet for Dansk-Svensk Samarbejde


2017 Artist in residence at Land404, Karlskrona, Sweden
2015, 2017 Intern and employee at Fotografisk Center
2015 Photography teacher at summer camp for teenagers
2015 Member of BKF (Danish Visual Artists)
2014 Artist talk at Fatamorgana
2011 Photography teacher at Café Retro Nørrebro
2010 Intern at Fatamorgana – The Danish School of Art Photography

Mette Hartung