Equally Infinite

2011 - Ongoing

70x105 cm
Archival fiber prints

Code Art Fair
Copenhagen, 2017

Galleri Rasch
Bornholm, 2015

6th European Month of Photography
Berlin, 2014

Recent Graduates, Affordable Art Fair
Stockholm, 2014

CPH Photo Festival, Tap 1
Copenhagen, 2012

Visualizations of flickering souls. Free in their being. I repeat to myself that no one is only black and white or could be put in a box for good. We should look behind and beyond and inside to the essence of the person. This project stems from wanting to show how different and alike people are at the same time – and how colorful. My thesis is that everyone has these various shades of color that is revealed when we get close enough, but from a distance we might only see a few. The french philosopher Emmanuel Lévinas has inspired me with his two concepts totality and infinity to see that we can try to define each other all the time or we can try to be open to the fact that we are ever changing. So I took ten of the people who I am fortunate enough to know on the inside and made them a portrait as a glimpse of their soul by photographing them through their chosen favorite nature spot – edited in the colors they had revealed me. This glimpse appeared to me for less than a second. For you, today, I’m sure they would look different and beautiful in another way.

Various dimensions

Galleri Rasch
Bornholm, 2015

Since the making of the portraits the project has evolved in other directions. These recent works are clarifying some of the process steps of creating the portraits while adding to the themes of changeability and the essence of a person.

Mette Hartung