Save Me Sunkissed


Spraypaint on wood, chalkspray on grass
Various dimensions

Commission for SommerOase Festival,
Horsens (DK), 2018

This site- and time-specific, outdoor painting is a collaboration with the sun and it is all about the moment where the light touches the color and brings it alive. It was created from where the sun fell in the course of one day. In the areas with mostly sun I painted around the shadows and in the areas with mostly shadow I high-lighted where the sunlight fell. As you can see from the staggered color fields I painted more than one time at the same spot to illustrate the passing of time. Beside every painted line or field I wrote the time, so that visitors were able to know exactly when to look for the fit of sun and paint. In my work I always strive to link the physical world with the spiritual world. Here, the sunlight symbolizes the spiritual world by bringing purpose to the work and breathing life into it.

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