Searching for Secrets

2018 - (ongoing)

Archival fiber prints
Various dimensions


Featured in the book of March in photo book series ‘The Year, Copenhagen 2018’ published by Blankt Papir (DK)

In this project I have used the approach and mindset that is key to my way of working with photography: As an act of getting to know or becoming intimate with the motif. When I am photographing it feels like an interaction between me and my motif, and when I select pictures I choose the ones that in the best way represent this connection. It is important to me that the picture feels alive in terms of energy therefore I am looking for it to always have a bit of tension. I have then been adding colorful elements to the pictures as a way of visualizing my emotional or spiritual encounter with (not the motif but) the photograph itself in the editing phase. And finally, in some photographs, I have let elements grow out of the frames in search of bringing the flat motif a bit back to its original three-dimensionality.

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