Archival fiber prints, pencil on wall, pillow, camera, candle, different kinds of paper, process materials
Various dimensions

Solo show at Gallery Monitor
Gothenburg (SE), 2013

A warm, slightly dark and inviting room dedicated to my perception of a photograph as a sense of space. Devout. Made like a labyrinth of reoccuring abstract interior photograps, some of them cut out and made 3D and some like a puzzle with no motif but just the shapes of the photograph left. I wanted to find out which features of photography I value the most. Well, I know I mostly emphasize the lines and space of a photograph, but the magic is lost without the motif, right? Or could the lines of a photograph be drawn by hand for instance and still be enough? In this room I was twisting and turning and isolating and playing with every facet of photography. Everything was a process and in the end just a partial conclusion – luckily I’d say. When it was done I led a candle.

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