What Matters in the City


Different kinds of stones, glitter, sand, crayon, fabric, gold painted puzzle, brush
130x250 cm

Group show at Ronneby Konsthall
Ronneby (SE), 2018

This work sprouts from a fascination with piles like the big ones you see on construction sites. Those piles of pure material has such an alluring atmosphere about them. I think it has to do with the heaviness. For me it becomes a symbol of everything that matters that I can’t put into words. You know, those things that means so much, that you feel a weight in your heart – like a meaningful love towards something or someone. It’s heavy because it matters so much, and it’s beautiful. Do you recognize this feeling? So to make this symbol visible I held my breath and wrapped glitter and gold, secrets and magic, process and materials into one perfectly balanced pile of treasure. Besides symbolizing this unspoken love or treasure it also reminds me that everything plain could be magic. I like that.

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