Diamond Quarry


Cotton fabric, flour, water, varnish
Approx. 5x10 m

Outdoor exhibition project
Bornholm (DK), 2013

The outdoor exhibition project Landskabe* was an attempt to coorperate as much as possible with the atmosphere, history, past use and present shapes of the landscape. We wanted visitors to explore the landscape in conjunction with art works. Our chosen site was an old granite quarry by Krystalsøen in the northern part of Bornholm, Denmark. The building and installation of the works took place during one week directly on the site as a close physical connection with the place was of great importance. This way the artists were also able to share their process and discuss their work with passing visitors.

I spend quite a lot of time at the location – just being with the place. The sunlight falling on the raw faces of the quarry rocks, bringing them to life, seduced me. It told me which surfaces to highlight. The lines I had to be true to. I was looking to let the fabric melt as much as possible into the rock like the way I was melting into the place itself. This was my tribute.

Landskabe was organized and curated in cooperation with Ida Nissen. The participating artists also included Freya Sif Hestnes, Hannah Macfarlane & Stefan Jensen. Graphic design by Kim William Catton. Supported by Bornholms Regionskommunes Kunstråd.

*Constructed danish verb combining the two words landscape and create

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